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Shopper delight

When is the right time to buy. The answer is really changing. The competitive nature of the automotive business has made car buying more about the consumers wants and needs. This has brought in a new focus called fair market pricing. This means dealers are watching the competition more than ever and trying to under sell the competition. In bradenton Florida where we are located they is a strong discount applied to earn the business of the consumer. So the answer to the initial question is anytime is the right time to buy if you do your research and tell the dealer what you will pay for a car at the beginning of the buying process.

FIrkins now offering Buy Here Pay here and Fleet services!

Our dealership has been in business over 60 years now and we have learned a lot about people and circumstance. It is really hard in the present day for many to afford much less finance a vehicle. But at Firkins we offer those who have been affected by the current economy a second chance and a way to be able to finance vehicles. So come in and see what we can do for you in your time of need. Vehicles make everyday todo’s  and jobs more attainable. We have two locations in Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida to help better accommodate those with credit that  banks find “impossible” to finance. We have become the lender in these cases and make financing an option once again. Which ever lot you choose to shop we will make sure you are treated with the proper respect and service you deserve. Let us prove ourselves to you and your families. You will be very happy you did. We sell a great amount of vehicles New and Pre-owned/Used. Some of the new lines we carry are Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, and even Nissan.

Firkins is now selling a very reliable fleet line for all who are in need of a great work vehicle. The Nissan NV series has proven to the world that they are work horses and great on fuel economy or “gas mileage”. They are affordable and to top it all off completely customizable to any line of work. From low-tops to high-tops you will find it at Firkins Automotive group in Bradenton, FL 34208/34207. Never has Bradenton or Sarasota seen deals so great! We focus strongly on our competition and beat them out every time. Try us out.




Why is tire pressure so important?

Why is tire pressure so important?

Check this often and your tires will last much longer.
Tires leak over long periods of time even if there is no hole in the tire. This can be reduced by using nitrogen instead of normal air. But none the less they should be monitored to ensure that the proper amount of air is in the tires. (all of them)
All tire pressures are different depending on the weight of the vehicle and size of the tire. Refer to your local tire dealer or service center to find the accurate pressure for your tires. The effects that pressure have on your tires and even sometimes suspension are as follows: (tire ware) inner tread, outer tread, and side wall damage can occur
(alignment) shortage of air any one tire can result in pulling to the left or right and can overtime shift your alignment. (Hazardous driving conditions) When hazardous driving conditions are present the vehicle is much more vulnerable to be involved in an accident. So remember to always check your pressures and drive safely.

If your looking for new or pre-owned vehicles in Bradenton or Sarasota Florida you can always find a great deal at Firkins Automotive. We have a wide selection of Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Mitsubishi, and Nissan vehicles. So be sure to stop in today for our New Years Sale and save big.

If you would like to find the tire pressure for your specific vehicle or tire brand check out our website by clicking the photo in this post or by visiting us in person at 2700 1st Street in Bradenton, FL 34208

And as always…Happy Motoring!

2013 advice for the new year

2013 advice for the new year

New years resolutions come in many shapes and sizes. Many people reevaluate their lives and look for improvements they can make to make life a little better for themselves. If you are one of these people you may just find this bit of advice helpful. The question: How can I get better gas mileage from my used car or truck.
The answer: It is difficult to get “good” gas mileage out of a vehicle classified a “guzzler” but there is a possibility that you could shave off a couple of bucks from your monthly gas bill. That is to use a gas treatment on your vehicle. It helps to aid in the cleaning of injectors and your overall fuel system. When this system is cleaned it will become more efficient and use in turn less gas. Hope this was helpful to some.
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Fishing for a deal? No longer neccessary.


To be at a competitive edge most dealers are moving away from gross hold back. Here at Firkins Automotive we have to keep our prices as low as possible for one reason, Internet Sales. The internet has changed the automotive industry forever. No longer will a slimy salesperson be able rope the unsuspecting buyer in and lock them in a “chamber of debt”. You see what I did there?…too corny? Well, as I was saying the market has changed and so in turn has the game. If you go to a website looking for a vehicle you should be looking at the real price of the vehicle less rebates and discounts. Some may struggle with this change, such as the haggle hungry consumer. But all it takes is a little, and yes I’m going to say it again, HOMEWORK. It is so much easier than it used to be to walk into an automotive establishment. Then Walk out out unscathed by crafty number makers. They are almost unheard of at this point. At least from and OEM dealer stand point. I’m sure there are lots of little car shops/lots that would be more than happy top slap you silly with a big whopping debt that will crush your car buying soul. Too much? The point of the seemingly endless rant was to inform you that in these last and final days of 2012 feel free to jump on these hot deals without the fear of being SOLD on something you already know all about. After you do your homework, of course.

Happy Motoring everyone! And as always I hope this left you a little wiser.

What’s better buying new or used?

The answer is both. There is no right answer to this question. It all depends on the person which is more beneficial. With the right homework a pre-owed vehicle can make an excellent automobile for lots of buyers. You may even be able to find one with that “new” car smell. Low mileage and an up kept service schedule can prove to keep used cars young at heart or at engine…whatever. When considering new vehicles it is a good idea to research their value retention to know what your car will be worth in a couple of years. This is very important to determine which vehicle will be right for you. Lots of stuff goes into this equation. Many sites will provide helpful information to help you with this. Here a few examples.,, So when considering which type of vehicle you will be purchasing take in to account that either one has the capability to fit your needs. And remember lists always help as previously mentioned in our blog.
Happy Motoring everyone! Hope you found this even somewhat helpful.
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How do you know your buying a trustworthy vehicle?

The best way to know you are getting a quality car is to…

Do your research. Many dealers offer simple ways to research that will save you time. Ask for vehicle history report. In Bradenton Florida most trustworthy dealers offer carfax or other types of reports that will give a vast knowledge of the vehicle you are considering. Here you will see the crash history and service history that have been registered with insurance companies and dealer reports. So from a buyers perspective this will help eliminate doubts you are having in a deal. If a vehicle is “too good to be true” it probably is. So do your homework and ask for the report.


Looking to get that car shining again…for free!? Come to Firkins Automotive in Bradenton, FL and print out this blog post and we will wash away all of your cars troubles. If you need service on your vehicle we would be happy to take a look at that too! Not all vehicles will fit in our car wash so unfortunately this doesn’t apply to everyone. Image

Preparing for the Holidays?


   Frantically running around doing last minute Christmas shopping? While all in all trying to enjoy the relaxing ambiance of your glittery lit tree and some hot coco? Well, the holidays are fast approaching and full excitement for young and old alike. With all of this going on it is hard to think about buying an automobile. That doesn’t change the fact however that this is the best time of the year to save on brand new vehicles. Dealerships everywhere are trying to finish the year of with a “Big Bonus Bang.” OEM’s are giving out huge incentives to buy. “Cash back”, “Bonus Cash” call it what you will, it is MONEY that you qualify for. Though out the year dealers market savings and give you the consumer a competitive push to earn your business. But never is there a greater chance to save than at the end of the year. Christmas Sales and New Years Liquidations are some of the only times consumers have the upper hand in the buying process. So if you have a chance and are looking to buy a new vehicle pop in to your local dealership today and look at what you can save. We live in Bradenton, Florida and we do business with lots of people who live in Manatee County and surrounding areas. Through out the year lots of people come in looking to buy a new or used cars from our dealership because we know how to treat customers and how get you in what you want. So please stop in and see us at 2700 1st street in Downtown Bradenton, Florida. Happy Holidays from all of us at Firkins Automotive Group!